• Kiss Cutting Machine
  • MDL No.: ES080/CQ-550 & 650

Kiss Cutting Machine

  • Easy to operate the machine.
  • For 'CROSE' cutting, just rotate the cutting plate.
  • The cutting material is not press by the roller, as a result no pulling of material during operation.
  • Suitable for cutting PVC, PE, Mylar, Rubber, Compound Film, Double Sided Tape, ETC

High Speed Precision Kiss Cutting Machine

Servo Drive with Touch Screen Panel

Model No. ES08039/CQ-550 ES080/CQ-650
Working Width (mm) 550 650
Cutting Speed 160S/min 160S/min
Accuracy (mm)


Main Motor (kW) 1.5 1.5
Dimensions (mm)   1500 X 1600 X 1500
Weight (kg) 700 800
Power Consumption 2.5 2.5