• Long Beam Cutting Press
  • MDL No.: EL001/MK-Pressomatic

Long Beam Cutting Press


STROKE           100mm
DAYLIGHT        150MM
By single hydraulic system
By stroke control
Easy knife setting
Simple electrical system
Wide view cutting area
Made in Taiwan



       EL001/MK-PRESSOMATIC hydraulic cutting press

  • The long beam hydraulic cutting press is the heart of so many industries and serves in a great variety of applications from aerospace, automobile, packaging, textile, electronic and recreation field to gasket, furniture, luggage, footwear and leather goods industries.
  • Simplicity of design, versatility of application, high performance and power make the MK-PRESSOMATIC series the work horse of your industry. These presses are designed and built with a minimum number of moving parts. The ergonomic design and low noise level improve productivity in a good environment. This machine has been proven reliable for more than 40 years (2010) of service in various industries.
  • Easy set up quick and easy to understand the function of the machine.

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