• Econo Swing Arm Cutting Press
  • MDL No.: EQ004/TW-512

Econo Swing Arm Cutting Press

This machine is widely used by leather good, shoes, belts, gasket, packaging, electronic, recreation industries,etc.
Simplicity of design, versality of application, make this machine recognised excellence in these industries.


Cutting power by potentiometer.
Easy to use with two hand press button for maximum safety.

MODEL NO. EQ004/TW-510A/B/C EQ004/TW-512A/B/C
Max Cutting Power 10 ton 12 ton
Daylight (mm) 100mm 100mm
Working Area 750x740mm 750x740mm
Swing Arm Width 330mm 330mm
Motor Power 1.5 Hp 1.5 Hp
Machine Dimension 700x750x1300mm 700x750x1300mm
Weight 450 Kg 470 Kg


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