• 540mm~900mm Hot Laminator
  • MDL No.: EW020/K-540B / K-720B / K-900B

540mm~900mm Hot Laminator

  • For single side and double side pre glue BOPP film lamination.
  • With variable speed control.
  • Equipped with automatic temperature control.
  • Suitable for lamination of packing box, books, food box, documents, ETC.
  • Easy to operate the machine even with a beginner.

K-540B/720B is small and simple manual laminating machine with new and advance design.
The machineis an ideal choice for the digital printing, graphic arts printing, short format, imaging printing
and office document printing, etc. Using thermal film, single or double side finishing with good presentation..  


MODEL NO. EW020/K-540B EW020/K-720B EW020/K-900B  
Max. Laminating Width (mm) 540 720 900  
Laminating Speed (m/min) 0 – 15  15  15  
Laminating Temperature (°C) 60 – 130 60  130 60  130  
Gross Power (kW) 3 3.2 3.5  
Total Weight (kg) 230 250 270  
Dimensions (cm) 127X97X140 127X115X140 127X115X140