• MDL No.: EL001/WT-430


The machine is suitable for cutting:
Packaging material such as PVC, Insulation Sheet, Foam, PE, Mylar, PU Sheet, EVA,  
Cutting leather, Rubber, Gasket, Cloth, Paper, etc.

The new W-series computer-controlled automatic heavy duty hydraulic cutting machine is specially designed for the wide base cutting.
The patented automatic movement for the two sliding tables allows two operators to operate the machine with knives of different heights at the same time.

The fast approach of the cutting head gives sharp cutting edges to the materials and with one central piston gives the machine accuracy and parallelism
all over the cutting areas.
A wiper attached to the edge of the sliding table top clean before every cutting begins.
All moving parts are automatically lubricated. The strong construction is welded by robot for the reliability and ensures minimum deflection underload.